Our mission is to unburden companies as much as possible in terms of corporate mail and communication, not just in the present but also in the future. In order to be able to do so, we continuously strive for improvement. Growing in line with the needs of our customers is very important to us and we always take an efficient and personal approach. Through in-depth analysis, we examine how we can optimise your postal and communication processes. We do this together with a team of committed employees and always with the values of our organization in mind.


Balanced growth

Due to our continuous growth, it remains a real challenge to extend our business structure in a healthy way. Processing more mail means investing more in personnel, technology and infrastructure. The new EasyPost facility in Ghent with three unique BlueCrest sorting machines is a perfect example of this. But above all, we continue to invest in our employees. After all, they are the driving force behind our success and we want to let them grow in their role each and every day.

Diversity and equality

Our vision of the future is inevitably linked to the idea of diversity. We actively work on connection and quality, fight social exclusion, look for innovation and optimize our staff policy. Dealing positively with diversity is everyone’s responsibility: management, employees and customers. We want to create a working environment where everyone feels respected, supported and valued, regardless of who they are or where they come from. We not only apply this philosophy in our own policy, but we also actively look for suppliers and partners who embrace diversity and adopt a progressive recruitment policy.

CO2 reduction and energy efficiency

We believe it’s the job of every large company to help build a greener future. That’s why we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint in different ways. We continue to invest in an energy-friendly fleet and our new production centre in Ghent has also been built ‘energy-neutral’. Our services are also growing towards a sustainable future. For instance, with EasyPrint we are taking the first cautious steps towards the elimination of mail pick-ups.

Interested in how we manage to despatch more than 212.378 items every day?

Discover here how, thanks to an ambitious top team and our ultramodern infrastructure, we can make the difference for your business, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



Our clear approach ensures that our customers always know what is what. Simple ways of working, detailed invoices, quick follow-up and always a straightforward answer to all of your questions and wishes.


Years of experience combined with a team of hardworking and ambitious people ensures that we can rightly consider ourselves experts in mail processing. Everything at EasyPost is well thought-out and with a focus on efficiency and innovation.


We want to achieve the greatest possible savings for our customers. That is why we charge a low collection cost, don’t charge a processing fee and offer a discount on postage rates. And that makes us the cheapest player on the market at the moment.



Everything we do, we do to make our customers’ lives easier. We take a no-nonsense approach: ‘What you see is what you get’. Clear, transparent and fully tailored to the customer.


Respecting our People, our planet and your privacy. We highly value respect. We offer our employees a healthy and safe climate, treat classified data with the necessary confidentiality and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.


Ever heard of ‘happy employee, happy customer’? At EasyPost we fully support this, so we strive for a healthy work-life balance, common goals and mutual respect. The daily commitment of our satisfied employees ensures that our customers also feel the EasyPost love.




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