KLJ vzw

About KLJ VZW & Groene Kring

KLJ is a youth and youth movement active in a rural environment with the mission to make the young people under their care stronger as individuals and as a group. The organisation has been in existence for more than 90 years, has 260 departments all over Flanders and today has no less than 22,000 strong members. The KLJ Group also has a branch called ‘Groene kring’; a youth movement founded especially for young farmers and gardeners KLJ Director Bart Hombrouckx has been at the helm of the organisation for three years. His department acts as an umbrella body that supports the various departments in the field of insurance, administration, logistics and mail handling.

Previous way of working?

KLJ outsourced its mail processing to partners. First they worked with Contrapunt and then they called on the services of bpost.

Why EasyPost?

EasyPost approached KLJ and, after a thorough analysis, made them a proposal to which they responded. It’s not that they were proactively looking for another supplier. Competitive pricing is the main reason they switched. In addition, EasyPost offers a daily pick-up and our customers receive a detailed invoice. The interesting conditions and the flexibility of EasyPost were the decisive factors.

Main benefits:

  • detailed invoice broken down by cost centre
  • competitive pricing
  • daily mail pick-up

Would you recommend EasyPost?

KLJ is very satisfied with the current service and would recommend EasyPost. At EasyPost KLJ enjoys the same service as at Bpost, but at a cheaper rate. As a result, they save considerably on their invoice without sacrificing service. Soon they will be switching to EasyPost’s services not only for normal mail but also for parcels.

Bart Hombrouckx
Director KLJ

"With EasyPost we have found the perfect partner to ease our mail processing, in a way that we can focus on our core business, while EasyPost takes care of the perfect handling and shipment of our letters."
"The interesting price, the time savings and the efficiency are the decisive factors for us to work with EasyPost".
"Wij zijn constant bezig met het digitaliseren van administratieve processen, dus we konden ons direct vinden in de visie van EasyPost."
City of Beveren, another satisfied EasyPost customer!