Bank van Breda

“EasyPost guarantees us the same service as bpost, but in an even more flexible way and at more advantageous rates. Thanks to Easypost, for example, we receive a separate invoice for our various cost centres, which makes our work easier. Working with EasyPost was a no-brainer for us.”

About Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, founded in 1937, is the largest independent Belgian insurance broker and risk consultant. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits manages logistical tasks such as mail distribution itself with its own DocumentHandling team.

Previous way of working?

“Six years ago, we worked with a franking machine. Our search for a more efficient way of working initially led us to Mail ID from Bpost. This solution covered only 50% of all outgoing business mail. The other half of our mail could not be processed by Mail ID, so we enjoyed a less interesting postal rate for that part. We therefore felt compelled to look for another solution, which we found at EasyPost”.

Why EasyPost?

“It’s my job to see how we can further optimize our mail flows. During my search it soon became clear that EasyPost offers us the solution we were looking for: we send our entire business mail at greatly reduced postal rates. After a trial period of three months, we decided to definitively work with EasyPost”.

Main benefits?

  • stamps no longer need to be prefinanced
  • uniform rate for all our shipments
  • correct and detailed invoicing per entity
  • simple and customer-friendly way of working

Would you recommend EasyPost?

“I would definitely recommend EasyPost, because I am 100% convinced of their good service. The collaboration has a minimal impact on our way of working but a maximum, positive impact on the invoice. In my experience, the concept offered by EasyPost is flexible enough to serve companies in different industries.

Specifically for our industry, it is important that the mail is handled with the necessary discretion and speed. Confidential information must reach the addressee correctly and in a timely manner, given the financial and insurance issues involved. EasyPost therefore organises two mail pick-ups per day specifically for us. EasyPost participates in the search for solutions and adapts its service to the needs of our company. We appreciate that enormously and have confidence in this long-term partnership. In short: we are a satisfied customer.”

Tom Aerts
Manager DocumentHandling Vanbreda Risk & Benefits n.v.

"With EasyPost we have found the perfect partner to ease our mail processing, in a way that we can focus on our core business, while EasyPost takes care of the perfect handling and shipment of our letters."
"The interesting price, the time savings and the efficiency are the decisive factors for us to work with EasyPost".
"Wij zijn constant bezig met het digitaliseren van administratieve processen, dus we konden ons direct vinden in de visie van EasyPost."
City of Beveren, another satisfied EasyPost customer!