Europ Assistance

About Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance Belgium is part of the Europ Assistance Group, the inventor of assistance insurance. Founded in 1963, the Europ Assistance Group operates around the world to assist both private and business customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in exceptional or everyday situations. Today, the Europ Assistance Group offers its services in 208 countries, has 44 companies in 33 countries and provides assistance to more than 300 million people worldwide. Over the years, Europ Assistance’s activities have developed around two main themes: travel assistance and car assistance in Belgium and abroad.

Previous way of working

“I’m in charge of the General Services & Fleet Department. We are responsible for everything relating to facility management, including the mailroom. We used to work with a franking machine with a maintenance contract.

The franking machine was almost 10 years old and administratively a hassle. We were therefore looking for a solution that would improve on a practical, financial and administrative level.

Why EasyPost?

One of the tasks of Facility Management is to ensure that there is an optimal service to both the internal and external client.

We proactively looked for a suitable partner ourselves to outsource mail processing. We sat around the table with several players, but EasyPost managed to convince us.

How? They offered us a formula we were looking for: a streamlined service tailored to our company at a good price”.

Main benefits?

  • time-saving: all we have to do is get the mail ready and the available time can be spent on other things
  • cost-saving: no purchase/leasing of franking machine (+maintenance costs) and in addition, we benefit from more advantageous franking rates.
  • administrative: clear reporting and invoicing
  • flexible: EasyPost also offers solutions for customers whose volume does not meet bpost’s Mail ID conditions

Would you recommend EasyPost?

“Yes. As I said, EasyPost has a good business plan. They are strong in the declining mail market precisely because they offer solutions for companies that send lower volumes. In addition, the move to a partnership with EasyPost has little or no impact on the ongoing process. And if any problems do occur, EasyPost will do everything possible to resolve them as quickly as possible”.

Nicolas Hulpiau
Facility & Fleet Manager Europ Assistance

"With EasyPost we have found the perfect partner to ease our mail processing, in a way that we can focus on our core business, while EasyPost takes care of the perfect handling and shipment of our letters."
"The interesting price, the time savings and the efficiency are the decisive factors for us to work with EasyPost".
"Wij zijn constant bezig met het digitaliseren van administratieve processen, dus we konden ons direct vinden in de visie van EasyPost."
City of Beveren, another satisfied EasyPost customer!