AZ Sint-Lucas

“We came into contact with EasyPost when we were looking for cheaper alternatives to franking our outgoing mail. EasyPost’s proposal seemed very interesting to us and we were allowed to make use of a free trial period. That way, we were able to experience in a tangible way whether it was a good match. After a positive evaluation on both sides, we quickly switched to an open-ended contract.

Today I can say that from a financial point of view the cooperation is a bull’s-eye. And we also appreciate the service: we can count on detailed invoices, punctual post collection and a very customer-oriented approach. Our account manager Matthias is easy to reach and always takes our feedback to heart; for us this is an important added value in addition to the financial aspect”.

Gerd Callewaert
Financial and Administrative Director

"Today I can say that the cooperation with EasyPost is a bull's-eye from a financial point of view."
"We are absolutely satisfied with the smooth cooperation that led to an advantageous cost."
"Thanks to EasyPost, our people have more time to focus on their core business. Easy and efficient!"
"EasyPost has been able to convince us of the efficiency, flexibility and reduction in workload."

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