Easypost is our specialty, designed to make your life easier. How it works?

At EasyPost we have an extensive logistics network throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. Our EasyPost drivers hit the road every day with a smile, to pick up your mail. All you have to do is provide a time and pick-up address and get the mail bags ready. Easy, right?

In our EasyPost mail bags you collect all outgoing mail, such as letters, parcels and registered mail. You don’t have to frank them yourself anymore, so that saves you a lot of time. That’s time you can use to focus on things that are really important for your company.

In addition to being an efficient solution, EasyPost is also an economical solution. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, we collect, sort and frank the mail of all our customers in no time. Every day we process no less than 212,378 letters, 1,386 parcels and 5,805 pieces of registered mail. An huge volume, which, thanks to an almost fully automated processing process, can still be delivered to bpost for distribution on the day itself.

Because we deliver such a large volume of mail to bpost every day, they offer us special rates, rates that enable us to give our customers nice discounts on the standard postage rates. So you pay less… to do less!

We also put a lot of effort into our customer experience. For example, every month you’ll receive a detailed invoice, listing all your shipments by type and price. Very clear and provides insights to better manage your postal budget. You can order free material, check the information sheets and consult the deposit receipts for your registered mail digitally via your personal and secure customer zone.

And if you still have a question, you can always contact our supportive customer service team. Here at EasyPost, we work hard to make your life easy…

  • Efficiency

  • Profit

  • Simplicity

The way we work

1. The unstamped mail is collected in a mailbag.

2. The mail does not have to be sorted, only the registered mail is collected separately.

3.Easypost collects the mail bags daily at an agreed time.

4. All mail is brought together the same day in one of the EasyPost sorting and franking centres.

5. Your mail is sorted, stamped and prepared for dispatch.

6. The mail is delivered to bpost, which distributes it via its network.

7. The recipient receives his mail.

Succes stories

With over 2,000 customers, we make the lives of all kinds of companies Easy!

"Today I can say that the cooperation with EasyPost is a bull's-eye from a financial point of view."
"We are absolutely satisfied with the smooth cooperation that led to an advantageous cost."
"Thanks to EasyPost, our people have more time to focus on their core business. Easy and efficient!"
"EasyPost has been able to convince us of the efficiency, flexibility and reduction in workload."

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