EasyPrint is our flexible and future-proof solution for your outgoing corporate mail and communication.
The authority of a written letter captured in the ease of a single mouse click, EasyPrint does it all for you. All in one simple flow…

You can provide us with all the documents you want to send through different channels, such as a personal and secure customer portal.

Next EasyPost takes care of your documents. We print everything, after which your mail is enveloped and addressed. Envelopes can also be printed to your liking, with the company logo for example .

Privacy is one of our values at EasyPost, so we take the confidentiality of your documents very seriously. You can rest assured that no employee will see the content of your communication. During the EasyPrint process your privacy is guaranteed from start to finish.

After that, we frank and sort everything in our state-of-the-art production centre. Because this entire process is almost fully automated, the chance of errors is reduced to an absolute minimum, a major advantage in comparison to manual mail handling.

Finally, your mail is delivered to bpost ready for dispatch, after which they deliver it trough their own distribution network.
So you don’t have to do anything yourself anymore!

What’s more, thanks to our partnership with bpost, you also enjoy significant discounts on postage rates and can easily manage your budget thanks to a clear and detailed invoice. You will also have access to a personal customer zone where you can follow all the steps in real time.
Transparency at its best!

Choose for this innovative service and optimise!

  • Efficiency

  • Privacy

  • Simplicity

The way we work


1. Select the documents you want to send

2. Determine the layout of your envelope and documents yourself

3. Easypost receives all your documents in a secure environment

4. The documents are printed put in enveloppes and stamped in one single flow

5. Your mail is delivered to bpost

6. It takes care of the distribution via its network

7. The recipient receives his mail

Succes stories

With over 2,500 customers, we make the lives of all kinds of companies Easy!

"After the demonstration of our accountmanager, we decided to switch to EasyPost. And that went very smoothly!"
"Jordi, our account manager and contact within EasyPost, responds very quickly and follows up very well."
"Today I can say that the cooperation with EasyPost is a bull's-eye from a financial point of view."
"We are absolutely satisfied with the smooth cooperation that led to an advantageous cost."

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