Odisee Hogeschool

“Thanks to our cooperation with Easypost, franking outgoing mail is no longer part of our duties. The processing of registered mail has also become a lot easier. The mail items are collected in a central place and picked up on time every day by an Easypost employee. In addition to a noticeable gain in time, the price tag of mail processing has also become a lot more attractive. Enough advantages to continue to choose Easypost in the future”.

Joelle Theunis
Head of Facility management

"With EasyPost we have found the perfect partner to ease our mail processing, in a way that we can focus on our core business, while EasyPost takes care of the perfect handling and shipment of our letters."
"The interesting price, the time savings and the efficiency are the decisive factors for us to work with EasyPost".
"Wij zijn constant bezig met het digitaliseren van administratieve processen, dus we konden ons direct vinden in de visie van EasyPost."
City of Beveren, another satisfied EasyPost customer!